My projects

Legality Analysis of Bowling Action in Cricket Using Deep learning

Research project

This research project aims are to provide computer vision-based 3D video analysis system to detect a bowler and calculate the bowler’s elbow extension from video footages. Deep learning techniques are being used.

Solid Waste Management Support System for Local Authorities

Cross-platform mobile application & Web Application

This project is to provide a software application that will support local authorities in the process of Solid Waste Management by providing an advanced database while allowing householders to join the process by supplying information about nearby garbage trucks available for them to handover the wastes.

E-pill Pod

IOT device and Android App

This project is designed to assist patients who forget to take their medicine. This comprises two units; IOT device & Android application.


Cross-platform mobile Application

This project is to connect recycling waste collectors, waste suppliers, and recycling companies, through a mobile application. Through this mobile application waste suppliers will sell their non-biodegradable waste to the collectors, and collectors will then sell them to recycling companies in significant amounts.

Jeff's fish shop

Desktop Application (JavaFx)

Library Management System

Angular Web Application

Shopping cart

PHP Web Application


Android Application


Cross-platform Application using ionic framework.